At Agape Church we strive to work efficiently in all that we do, and a large part of what we do is in communicating with our members. Whether it is communicating about upcoming events, sending end of year tax receipts, contacting those in need of assistance or counselling. Communication is what we do, however, in order for us to communicate efficiently we need to know how best to communicate with you.

We understand things change, we move homes, we switch phone companies, some may even give up that old aol.com email address. When those things happen we also realize that notifying the church of changed contact details is pretty far down on the list, and is sometimes forgotten.

This is where the census comes into play. If you are a member of Agape Church, please complete the form on this page and we will make sure our records correlate to your current information. Use the notes field to give us any extra information we may need.

If you are wondering about the security of your personal information, then well done, you should always question the security of your personal information online! The Agape Church website defaults to an encrypted connection and the form on this page is also fully encrypted to the database that the information is ultimately saved in. You can view our Privacy Policy online.

If you are still not comfortable filling out this information online then you can always complete the census survey on paper. We will have an ample supply of census forms at the connect desk each sunday.


Fill out my online form.