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Our vision is simple and clearly detailed in Matthew 22:36-40 and Matthew 28:18-20.
In these passages, Jesus tells us to love our God with all of our heart, to love our neighbor
as ourself, and to go into all the world to make disciples. We really do believe it's just this simple.

The Team

Our staff has assembled from around the globe to serve at Agape Church.
With decades of combined missions experience and expertise in their fields, our staff is here to serve you.
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We are conveniently located in the heart of West Little Rock on Napa Valley Drive.  
If you are using a GPS for directions, you can look us up by name or navigate to 701 Napa Valley Drive, Little Rock, AR, 72211.


Happy and Jeanne Caldwell

Pastors of Agape Church 1979 - 2014

Pastor Emeritus, founders and pastors of Agape Church from its founding in 1979 to 2014, are Happy and Jeanne Caldwell.
In 1979, God spoke to Happy & Jeanne Caldwell to build a spiritual production center in Little Rock, in order to take the good news of Jesus Christ to the city, state, nation and world. Together, they founded Agape Church, a strong spirit-filled body of believers. Through a deep sensitivity to the Spirit of God and anointed teaching, the lost are saved, the sick healed, and thousands have been blessed.
In 1988, Happy and Jeanne answered a direct call from the Lord to take His message beyond Central Arkansas. They founded VTN -  the Victory Television Network. This network of three full- power TV stations is carried on over 200 cable systems and is bringing the Gospel into more than 1.2 million households.
Through his own daily program, "Arkansas Alive", and his Sunday program, "Happy Caldwell",  Happy presents the Word in profound simplicity, making the character of God a revelation to those who hear. His ministry is known for instilling Christian principles in strategic leadership. He was honored for this in 2005 with an invitation to participate in the US Army War College Strategic Leader Staff Ride at Gettysburg, PA.

Happy Caldwell is a recipient of the Peter J. Daniels Caleb Encourager Award, which has been bestowed upon such notable names as Norman Vincent Peale, Nelson Mandela and Dr. Oral Roberts. He has been recognized by the Arkansas Martin Luther King Jr. Commission with The Salute to Greatness Community Service Award. He also serves on the Executive Board for Christians United for Israel, and is a Regional Director for CUFI.
Jeanne's ministry transcends nationality, race, culture, and generation as her passion to see women transformed into ladies who are pruned, polished, and perfected by the Word of God and her down-to-earth presentation assists others to have a personal encounter with God's Word.
The same life-changing anointing that flows through Jeanne's personal ministry is also appreciated by everyone who hears her anointed CDs or watches her weekly television program, "In His Presence".  In addition to her music and teaching ministry, Jeanne is the author of "Learning to Trust God's Faithfulness",  a compelling and effectual account of her life of faith, including her dramatic testimony of God's healing after a car accident left her with a broken back.
Happy and Jeanne Caldwell continue to travel delivering the life-changing message of Jesus Christ in churches, conferences, and on VTN.

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